Over 100 Staffs Sacked By Bowen University


Amid growing concern about the impact of the devastating coronavirus on the country's economy, Bowen University in Iwo, Osun State has reportedly laid off more than 100 employees at the facility.

Bowen University's public relations officer, Toba Adaramola, who confirmed that the facility had laid off some staff, said in his response to the incident that this was due to the facility's acquisition of technology.

According to Adaramola, the decision was necessary because of the COVID 19 pandemic.

He said that about 8-10% of the workforce was affected, adding that the decision to reduce staff had been made some time ago.

"The decision affected both academic and non-academic staff. In August 2018, it was determined that the university was approaching a turning point, and management discussed the reasons for that point.

"Cultural change was determined to be part of the problem. That's why we embraced the technology; we no longer needed so many staff to perform certain tasks.

"It's a painful decision, but one that is necessary for the university to continue to function because it is not a public institution that can count on any kind of subsidy, apart from the fees it charges its students," Adaramola said.

He added that the school had taken the necessary steps to ensure that all interested personnel had a soft landing and were not simply relieved of their duties without adequate compensation.

One of the affected staff members, who invoked anonymity, announced that the institution claimed that the decision was due to the economic crisis in the country caused by COVID-19.

According to the source, the situation is currently worrying as some employees threatened to protest against the action.

"How can a church-owned university simply wake up and fire so many employees at this time? Even the government at all levels is struggling to provide for its employees and pay them.

The situation as it stands may lead to violence, as some affected employees insist on protesting the university's decision," the source added.

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