My Husband Butchered Me Because He Felt I Was Cheating On Him ~ 31 Year Old Woman Narrates

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Marriage and relationship can only succeed and last long if both partners can trust and have each others back fully.

Things begin to fall apart when one realizes or feels the other is behaving differently all of a sudden.

We’ve heard and seen a lot of news circulating about how some partners wickedly and jealousy butcher their love once with reasons which is mind blowing.

In my article today I will feed you with a current news of a 31 year old woman who has been butchered by her husband after an unknown numbers kept calling her.

The woman reporting to UTVNews revealed that the husband kept warning her and checking on her phone anytime she gets a call.

We all know how it feels when you loose trust n the person you love. You begin to assume he or she is cheating or doing something behind your back.

This went on for sometime until the man who couldn’t control his temper took a cutlass and butchered the wife as a “goat”. The woman was rushed to the hospital and by God’s grace she is fine and fit.

Police at Lapaz have arrested the husband for such an unlawful act. The law will deal with him accordingly.

How would you behave if your were the man and suspected your wife cheating?

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