Good News To All Kenyans After Google Reveals New Details Again About Cheap Internet In The Country

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Many people in the country have been using digital devices such as desktop computer, laptops, tablets and smartphone. Furthermore, many Kenyans have been using bundles to login in different websites like Google, YouTube and others. Also Some youths are content writers and they are making money online.

According to the source, new details have emerge today about cheap internet in the country. It has been reported that, Google will support African countries including our country, Kenya. Furthermore, Google will provide $10 million loan to different people in some different countries in Africa including Kenya.

These are good news to all Kenyans because this loan will used to boost small businesses and others projects in the country during this difficult time of Covid-19 epidemic.

This comes in after Google partnership with Safaricom in our country some few months ago and allowed millions of Kenyans to enjoy 4G internet which is faster and cheap.

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