3 Reasons Why Women Should Not Propose To Men

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A lot of things are happening nowadays, and it is all thanks to the influence of the Western culture, norms and values. Although civilization is good, but the rate at which surprising things happen nowadays is not even surprising anymore. One thing that is common now is to see women proposing to men, instead of the other way round. The following are reasons why women should never propose to men:

1. She will call unnecessary attention to herself:

In our part of the world, marriage takes a lot of procedures to be achieved. If a woman then skips these procedures and goes ahead to propose to her man, her actions will be frowned at by many people. She will even become the talk of the town, because it is unusual.

2. The man might not like it:

Although the man might not admit it, but he will not value the action of the woman as much as if she had actually waited for him to do the wooing. A lady who respects herself and respects the wishes of the man will not do such. Men have ego and they love to feel that they are in charge. If a woman then takes charge, it might not be taken well by the man.

3. She doesn't know if he's ready:

A lot of times, there are many signs that you and your partner will get married. But men love to feel financially comfortable before embarking on any decision, most especially marriage. Proposing to him when he is still struggling to get his feet on the ground is like adding pressure to him. This is why a woman should never rush to propose to a man first.

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