Fulltime Prediction After Goalless Halftime


The match is very tight as it was expected, no one is ready to lose or make any mistake. However united seems to be the right quality opponent of Chelsea current. United has been able to disposes Chelsea and make them to have no chance to build up.

However Chelsea are still concentrating on Fernandez to make sure that he doesn't spoil the Chelsea defence and at the same time dealing with Rashford. Chelsea haven't been able to press more as usual calling the need of timo Werner speed who can feed to giroud.

United require alternative driving force of Fernandez who is silenced completely. It looks from far that the game may end as it is but in case any of the team leads in scoring then it will lead to more pressure on the other terribly. This can cause addition of more goals or equalizing.

United can bring in Juan Mata for more shots on target which may bear results and break the record of tuchel. However the game is expected to end by 1-0.

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