The DNA Tests Underway For The Siaya Tragedy Victims. Rasanga Confirmed Adding The Following


The 21 of July marks the 5th day after a terrific accident involving two tracks in Siaya county, one transiting petroleum products and the other one for milk.

The grisly accident caused several demises as on the spot, 13 had been confirmed dead. Yesterday, two more patients succumbed as they could not bear the pain from the wounds caused by the burning petroleum product.

Out of the victims some are still under medication as doctors confirms positivity daily. However, some of them finds it hard to make it again according to the rate at which they had their contact with the flame. Three more victims have succumbed and this has raised death toll to nineteen (19).

The family of the victims, since the occurance of the accident had been in shiver following the hospital bills required for the treatments.

However, today their joy has been revived as Siaya county governor Cornel Rasanga Amoth pointed out that the government will take the responsibility of the hospital bills for those undergoing treatments.

He added further that burial expenses won't be incured by the family or relatives of the victim but shall be done by the government.

This comes after he had confirmed also that the DNA test has already started to the burnt victims. This will help greatly in analysis of the bodies. The analysis results will be released in two weeks time following his report.

The family, relatives, friends and the entire Siaya residents are urged to take heart during this difficult time.