Just in: Two Boys High Schools Closed Today After Student Unrest

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Over the last few weeks, incidents of school burnings have been on the rise in the country with the government, through the Ministry of Education unsure of what to do to mitigate this scourge.

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Unrest has also been witnessed in many parts of the country where students turn into foe and destroy property worth millions of shillings in their various institutions.

This evening, we have learnt of the closure of two schools in different counties that happened earlier on today.

Taranganya Boys High School that is found in the county of Migori experienced a fire incident a few days ago but it's today that the administration has sent the students home till further notice.

The second school comes from the County of Bungoma and is known as Milo Boys High School which also saw the closure of the institution earlier on.

Student unrest has been attributed to the closure of the two learning institutions that happened today.

The Ministry of Education has been urged by many Kenyans to revise the school calendar to curb these incidents.


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