(Throwback)Twin sisters were caught on video making out at a party😩🥺-Today's generation.(Fiction)


Sometimes I wonder what kind of training parents of today give to your children especially teenagers. Guess what the saying,"Wonders shall never end" has is true. Last week was an exciting week,where our Islamic brothers and sister ended they Ramadan fasting with an Eid Mubarak celebration, a holiday which was given across the whole country.

A friend called around 6pm to inform me that he was having a house party - one which there was going to be alcohol and girls and marijuana to smoke all night.

It was my first time being invited to such parties ever since I completed University a year ago.

At exactly 8pm, my friend Brian and I arrived at the party. The place was crowded with youngsters just like us. The porch was filled with people; some I recognized, some I didn’t. The familiar faced I recognized the most - the two beautiful and innocent twin sister, the Cooper sisters who attend my church every Sunday.

The slush machines weren’t working right. We had to mix cola and cherry together. Brian didn’t think it would change anything. I poured more alcohol into my slush.

Soon, everyone was drunk and so was I.By the kitchen counter some guy I didn’t know was vomiting into a vase. Some teenagers were making out. Brian saw. I think he was disappointed but I wasn’t sure.

So I went a little bit forward to have a closer look and to my dismay, it was the Cooper sisters. They looked very drunk and we're out of crazy. Very shocking but normal to see these days.

As a results of peer pressures and media influence, this generation just can't stop surprising us. Tell me,what would you, as a parent or a relative, have done to prevent a son or a daughter from finding him or herself in such situation?

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