Grief As KDF Soldier Who Died In Line Of Duty Is Laid To Rest In A Military Manner-Photos

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Emotional was high at the burial ceremony of the late Philomena Cheruiyot who was a passionate Kenya Defense force officer attached at Laikipia Baracks.

The late lived a healthy lifestyle until his demise that occurred in Laikipia on 12 October 2021 while he was on a battlefield. He was among the few soldiers who were murdered by bandits after an unexpected attack.

He was a young man with a promising future, he was a humble, generous, and social person. His demise was a big blow to the immediate family for he was a breadwinner.

His position may not be replaced soon for he was committed to serving his people and ready to die for his country. Kenya defense force expressed their gratitude for the loss of such a young soul.

Family and colleagues joined in giving him a peaceful send-off, he was laid to rest at his home in Rift Valley after receiving 21 gun salutes. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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