Recipe For Tuo Zaafi


The food of northern Ghana is overwhelmed by the utilization of grains, spices, and meat, as these are the essential food results of the locale. Tuo Zaafi is like banku, in spite of the fact that it is very delicate and less tacky, and is made by cooking the corn mixture and adding a little cassava. 

Tuo implies stirred, and zaafi implies hot. What separates Tuo Zaafi and makes it a mainstream feast the nation over are the nutritious and uncommon spices utilized in making the going with soup, including the dawadawa and ayoyo leaves. 

Corchorus is a class of phanerogams with 180 species having a place with the Malvaceae family. It is local to tropical and subtropical districts around the globe. In Ghana, it is known as Ayoyo.

Below is the recipe for Tuo Zaafi:

Ingredients Needed are: 1. bundle Ayoyo leaves  2. Saltpeter  3. (1)teaspoon powdered fish  4. (1)teaspoon dawadawa  5. (1) teaspoon powdered pepper  6. 1 medium onion  7. (1)teaspoon powdered okro  8. (1) teaspoon mixed spices   9. (1 )smoked salmon  10. (1)teaspoon fish preparing  11. 300 g meat (hamburger)  12. (3) cups corn flour  13. (2) huge tomatoes  14. (1)cup Cassava flour  15. Herrings 


Step 1(Preparing the Ayoyo soup)

From the outset, you need to wash ayoyo leaves and afterward hack it into more modest sizes. Add water to a pot and let it bubble, at that point add cleaved onion, powdered fish, powdered okro, and dawadawa, at that point add slashed ayoyo leaves and saltpeter and let it stew for 2 minutes. Add salt and preparing and sit tight for an additional 2 minutes. Presently, ayoyo soup is prepared. 

Step 2(Preparing the meat and fish)

Presently the time has come to set up the meat. Cut the meat and wash it, at that point put it in a pan over medium warmth. You can slash or mix onion and garlic at that point add to the meat. Add preparing and let it cook. Add salmon and herrings, at that point add flavors and let it cook for 10 minutes. Eventually, add salt to taste. 

Step 3(Preparing the Tuo)

For tuo zaafi we should bring corn flour and add cold water to it and blend quite well. Heat up some water and add the corn flour blend and cook it for 10 minutes. In a different bubble, bring a portion of the corn flour blends and put in a safe spot. Blend cassava batter and a little dry corn mixture and add the combination to the bubbling corn batter and mix well. At that point you should add corn batter blend you put to the side to the tuo zaafi and mix. Mix for 15 minutes. At that point you can serve your tuo zaafi with soup and stew. 

Try this recipe out and enjoy this delicious Ghanaian Dish.