10 Things I Wish My Parents Had Taught Me

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Being a father is not easy, and there is no perfect formula to raising children. We live in an ever changing world and as a parent you must adapt in order to offer the best possible guidance.

1.Learn how to say “I am sorry”.

No one is perfect. Regardless of the age of a child, you must apologize for your behaviour if you are in the wrong. This teaches them to assume responsibility for their actions.

2. It’s okay to show emotion.

Teaching children how to express vulnerability is not a weakness. It teaches them how to embrace adversity and overcome it in a comfortable way. Bottling emotions is toxic to your mental health.

3.Talk about money.

In most families, the subject of money is taboo. If you’re in a position of wealth, it is your responsibility to teach them how it was created and how it can be maintained. After all, it is their responsibility to continue the legacy.

If you’re in a less fortunate position, be open to your children about it. There is nothing wrong with not having the means to provide or being in a complicated situation.

Teach them that money problems do not equate to unhappiness; not having money is a temporary setback. By communicating with your children about your worries or current financial position, you can teach them valuable lessons on how to deal with that type of adversity in the future.

4. Teach them how to express themselves.

This lessens frustration and helps them with self-discovery. By allowing them to express themselves, you will create an individual that is able to get their point across. This will be extremely beneficial as they grow.

5.It’s okay to fail.

Schools teach that failing is a bad thing. This is wrong. The biggest fortunes in the world have been created by people who failed in school but did not fail in life.

Sometimes we fail in order to close a chapter in our lives that is meant to lead us towards the path we’re meant to be on.

6.Discover the interests of your child.

You never know how far a child can go if you nurture the right motivation. As adults we see certain career paths as non-worthy or useless, this is a mistake. Motivate your children and fuel their passions.

7. Test the waters.

Relationships are important in life. But not every relationship is meant to be. Teach the next generation that it’s okay to discover what kind of partner they want in their life.

It’s better to have a lot of experiences that will lead you to the one that will last forever than to marry a person you’ll divorce in a short period of time.

8- The importance of a healthy body and mind.

Proper nutrition and mental health are both quintessential to the development of an integral human being. We live in a world where television and fast food rule society.

9.Teach them about entrepreneurship early.

Social media is part of our society. Teach your children how to use that to their advantage. If they’re going to spend hours of their time on it, they might as well make money from it.

10. Let them go.

Every child is different. They learn differently and they behave differently. Sometimes in order for them to flourish, you have to let them go.

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