Though I Make Out With Men But I've Never Fallen In Love - Popular Nollywood Actress Reveals

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Love is a beautiful thing and exciting experience when you find the right person whether man or woman. When you're in love, it feels like the world revolves around you cos you're always happy to be with your lover.

Recently, a popular Nollywood actress, known as Amara Maduka advised married men on what to do whenever their wives don't make them happy at home. Amara made the recommendation in an interview with Saturday Beats, which was then shared by The Punch.

The actress said in the interview that every man deserves to be happy whether you're married or sugar daddy because they are humans and they they all have feelings just like everyone else.

She further explained that there must be a reason why these men feel they need to be with other women other than their wives. She stated that it may be due to the reason that their wives don't make them happy at home at some point.

She also mentioned that she cannot be a hypocrite by advising married men to find someone who can/will make them happy whenever their wives fail to make them happy.

Ladies dating married men should not be condemned because of their relationship with those married men but there is need for young ladies to be very careful when dating those old men because the table can turn against at any time, Amara explained.

Amara also revealed that she is indifferent and she has not met her dream man. The actress said she would love to get married to a zealous and ambitious man.

In her words;

"Though I have s*x, I've never fallen in love"

Below is the screenshot.

Guys, what do you have to say about this? Do you think it is right and good for a married man to have side chick? Is it appropriate for a you g lady to be dating a married man old enough to be her father?

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