The union of Yvonne Nelson and Nasty Black: Checkout reactions from the skit pictures.

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It seems actors from the Ghanaian movie industry is finding other ways of surviving or staying relevant in the movie scene. Others are going into their own businesses, some are moving into tv commercials whiles others have jumped unto the world of skits. Skits are short movies that are normally put on social media to create attention and also to make money. 

One Nigerian skit actor called Nasty Black has recently been to Ghana. He is widely known by both Nigerians and Ghanaians because of his thrilling and captivating skits. Some people believe he is in Ghana to collaborate with some Ghanaian movie actors to shoot scenes for his skit. One Ghanaian actress who is a producer and an entrepreneur has been spotted in a scene with the actor. 

Yvonne is the Ghanaian actress who has recently shot a skit scene with the Nigerian actor. In the said skit, nasty is seen to have impregnated Yvonne Nelson imaginatively. The scenes from the skit has dominated social media and has generated a lot of discussions about it. 

Many people also believe that, it’s a ways for Ghanaian actors to revive the ailing movie industry. In a tweet by Yvonne Nelson, it presupposes that, the scene are not ending anytime soon as she asks Nasty Black about the 7 scenes to go. 

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