Woman Sets Her House Ablaze to Reject Co-wife

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A woman in Kimilili, Trans Nzoia county has set her house on fire after her husband allegedly married a second wife. Edna Ng'eno on Thursday morning when her husband was at work and children in school,set her house on fire the incident that left many wondering.

According to the neighbours,the couple quarreled on Wednesday night over second marriage whereby a man forced her to seek shelter at a neighbour. In the morning,the woman sneaked in and set a house on fire.

The woman disappeared to unknown place but according to administrator she is being sought over the crime. Members within the help of firefighters from Tans Nzoia county struggled and managed to put out the fire before consuming entire property.

The chief,Mildred Chesoli has described this incident as primitive and uneconomical and urged couples to settle down their domestic issues in the right manner rather than engaging themselves in bad practicals. She said her office is always open for counseling between disagreeing couples.

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