Remember The 40-Year-Old Woman With 44 Children?, See All Her Kids Now


Children are the heritage of God and they are a reward from Him, so on no account should anyone think of harming a child that is still forming in the womb. No matter how tight a particular situation might be, don't ever take abortion as an option.

Teenage pregnancy is becoming rampant in our society today, so parents should play their part well by inculcating norms and values into the girl child. Pregnancy could be stressful regardless of the age but nothing gives more joy than hearing the cry of a new born baby.

This brings us to the main aim of this article. Do you remember the 40-year-old woman who has 44 children? Oh! If you've not heard about this wonderful lady, then this is the opportunity.

This lady is known as Mariam Nabatanzi and she's from Uganda. She has given birth to a total of 44 children, with 38 alive. You might question if she started giving birth at the age of 5 but the truth is, there could even be triplets and quadruplets among her children.

Below are photos of how her kids look now:

What's the maximum of children you want to have?

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