9 Essential Skills Every Employee Should Have


Here are the 9 essential Skills Every employees or any graduate Should have.1. COMMUNICATION: More than two- thirds of recruiters across all industries say communication is the most important skills they look for. Good verbal and written communication skills are often thought of an a given, but not everyone can communicate effectively in one or either format.

2. DECISION- MAKING: You may think decision- making skills are only needed for upper management, but that's not true. Every employee should be able to make smart, quick decision for the betterment of the company, no matter what role they play.

3. LEADERSHIP: Again, this is not just for senior- level employees; the ability to lead and motivate others is process. According to a Harvard Business Review Study,. 38% of respondents said being able to inspire and motivate others is the most important leadership skill.

4. LIFE-LONG LEARNING: Life- long Learners are interested in continuing to learn new skills, not just for their current role but for future ones as well.

5. MOTIVATION: Good employees show up and do their work. Great employees are motivated and passionate about their work.

6. NEGOTIATION: Good negotiation skills are not just for the sales team. Candidates with this skill are able to discuss and reach agreements with others.

7. FLEXIBILITY: Some jobs have a lot variety in their day - to- day, while others are more predictable. But even in jobs that have very little variance, employees must be flexible enough not to get stamped when something doesn't go as planned.

8. TEAMWORK: Nearly three- fourths of employer rate teamwork and collaboration as " very important", according to a Queens University Survey. Every employee you hire should be able to work confidently and effectively within a group.

9. TIME MANAGEMENT: Every job these days requires us to wear many different hats. Employers look for candidates that know how to successfully manage their time, who can prioritize tasks and meet deadlines.

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