Bonchari Election Updates; Police Attack Edwin Sifuna Hotel Amid Bonchari Election


The election in Bonchari has been in difficult situation after police were deployed there to provide security during the voting process. It is said that some leaders were not allowed to enter in to the polling station for security purposes and to protect the votes casted.

The parties which they presented their candidates are orange democratic movement, United Democratic Alliance and Jubilee party. The contest is very tight despite the handshake between the two parties of Jubilee ba and orange democratic movement.

Many leaders have been complaining about the transparency of the election process and among of them were Orange democratic movement leaders headed by Edwin Sifuna.

It is said that the hotel which belongs to the orange democratic movement secretary, Edwina Sifuna was attacked by police where they disrupted all activities in the hotel.

The incident has made many kenyans to blame Matiangi for the misuse of military forces during the election.

This has made citizens to wonder if the handshake is still strong or not.