Do you still remember Commando in the movie Terminator? Meet the son who wants to be like his father

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Arnold Schwartzenegger who is popularly known as Commando because of his TV role and champion body builder had a son called Joseph Baena who looks like his father, having all form of features and interested in what his father had loved during his Period.

According to the story, Joseph Baena was said to have been an illegitimate son of Schwarzenegger. It was said that in 1996, while Maria Shrive (Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife) was away on vacation with their other kids, Arnold had an affair with their housekeeper Midred that produced Joseph.

When Mildred gave birth, she named the baby Joseph and listed Arnold as the father of her baby secretly. However when the child turned 7- years- old, Maria ( Arnold 's wife) started noticing a striking resemblance with Arnold.

Maria later fined the husband and consequently divorced as she couldn't stand the lies from the housekeeper and her husband.

Like Father Like Son_ Joseph Baaner grows to take over from his father

Despite the fact that Arnold still regrets his affairs that ended his 25 years marriage, but produced his loving son Joseph, Joseph turns out to be the most closest to his father. A writer added that "the child of a housekeeper who was once a secret to the public, now seems to be the closest to his father Arnold."

In his Instagram post in 2017, Schwarzenegger called Baena “a fantastic son, and a great training partner,” in a post he made for Baena’s birthday. “You get stronger and smarter every year and I’m so proud of you. I love you son,” Schwarzenegger wrote.

Joseph is now 24, check out his amazing pictures

Joseph seems to get interested in everything his father had ever loved, this is a pure prove of genetic semblance. Joseph, therefore might possibly take over from his father as a TV Star as Schwarzenegger is turning older. Maybe he should take back the name Commando, perhaps, he should answer, Commando Jnr.

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