Stunning Muslim Female Celebrities Who Act Without Traditional 'Hijab' (photos)


Among the Islamic laws for women is the wearing of the head-cover clothes commonly known as the 'Hijaab'. Muslims calls are brought up in such norms as a requirement for their religion but surprisingly most girls take that as initial stage factor only.

During their tertiary learning or in showcasing their talent, most of them decide to down their 'hijaab' to sell faster. Some of the Muslim female celebrities in Kenya who are known for such behaviour include;

Amina Abdi Rabar

She is TV and radio presenter. In radio, she is the host of breakfast show of Capital Fm and In TV she is the host of 'The trend show' of NTV. Amina aged 32 years was born in Nairobi is well known for dressing mode which is contrary to her traditions. Amina is well known renowned in entertainment industry. She has impressed many people.

Zahra Moi

She is the wife to Baringo Senator Gideon Moi. She graduated from United State of International University with Bachelor degree of International Business administration. She was also awarded the great distinction of 'Magna cum laude' by the same institution. Zahra featured so much in the newspapers and magazines mostly in loving features. She is fan of putting on hijab in most of her pictures.

Yasmin Said(Maria of Citizen)

She was born in 2000 in Kilifi County .She is the main actress of Maria show in citizen TV. In real sense Yasmin is a Muslim girl who is humble and outgoing with passion for acting.She doesn't prefer wearing hijab during and after acting. Many people started to admire her after her debut in acting.