6 Gorgeous Fashion Styles By Maria since Her Eviction from Big Brother Naija.

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Big Brother Naija Reality show season 6 titled Shine ya eyes showed us many amazing personalities this year. Of course, the show ended on Sunday with White money emerging as the winner for this season.

Maria Chike Benjamin popularly known as the queen of accent was one of the housemates. The show brought her to the spotlight. Before the show, She was an air hostess, model, and a realtor based in Dubai.

In this article, I will be writing on some gorgeous fashion styles she has been dishing out since her eviction from the show. It will also be fair if we start calling her queen of style. She has a way of standing out in her outfits. Her hair game, makeup, jewelry, and other accessories are top-notch. Going through her Instagram page, I noticed that she is a big lover of corset dresses and they flatter her hourglass shape perfectly.

Let's take a look at the top 6 styles served by her.

1. Maria looks stunning in the Black Slit dress.

Slit dress is still in vogue, probably never leaving the trend list. Every female celebrity I know has rocked this hot style. Maria brought her A-game in fashion in the dress. Yes, she is eccentric, she doesn't mind showing off her cleavages and the dress did justice to that.

The slit dress is well detailed, the designs and embroideries are lovely. The corset added to the dress is beautiful, the reason I love the style more. The tailor showed off her creativity in the dress.

2. Maria looks fascinating in a sheer stripe dress.

Sheer fabric is one fabric that is mostly seen on the likes of Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and other Hollywood celebrities. Maria Chike joins the trend and she nailed it. Her face beat is always lit.

3. Maria in a Green Sequin jumpsuit.

The jumpsuit style is hot and sultry. Maria rocked it effortlessly to the Green October event a few days ago.

What do you of this style? Yay or Nay

4. Maria the golden queen.

If a walking beauty is a person, that should be Maria Chike in the short dress below. The dress is a simple one with fur designs attached to the chest region.

5. Maria representing her culture The Igbos.

Everybody has their origin, their roots. Maria is biracial, her dad is Igbo, a tribe in Nigeria, West Africa.

She wore a green George dress adorned with lovely embroideries. She adorned herself as a typical Igbo lady and we must acknowledge that. If Maria gets dominated for any fashion awards this year, I won't be surprised because she is killing it.

6. Maria makes Short Sequin Dresses admirable.

I bet seeing Maria in these short sequin dresses will make you want to sew them immediately.

Photo courtesy of Instagram @mariachikebenjamin.

Which style is your favorite? Share your answers in the comment section below.

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