Meet the Nollywood actor who is a livestock farmer in USA (photos)


One of the main reason many people travel overseas is for greener pastures but the truth is that the people who make it financially do not pick money of floor, they work hard and take advantage of the many opportunities available including Nigerian actors who migrate.

Farming is very profitable in most parts of the world because people feed daily, people who get engaged in this business do well for themselves. Nollywood actor, Yomi Gold is a livestock farmer and be works very hard doing his job.

The very handsome 41-year-old actor was born and bred in Ilorin before joining the Odunfa Caucus in Lagos in 2005 to become an actor, he has been active professionally for over a decade.

If you are ready to work hard abroad, you will definitely make it financially because there are many things to do and most of them are very rewarding financially. 

Yomi has a very good life in USA with his wife and children, he is a wonderful father too. He posts videos of himself doing business just like he posts videos of himself playing with his children regularly.

His livestock business is basically about goats but it has grown to him selling cows, rams and even chickens but he is known for selling goats and most videos show him with goats and other animals.

He often encourages people to eat fresh, showing them how he makes their orders and more but all I see is hardwork as he said he wants to make a change.

Money doesn't come free abroad but if you work hard, you will make lots of it.