"Hizo Sandals Tulikua Tunapeleka Alafu Tunapewa Penzo" Mulamwa Reacts To An Old Photo Of Awinja


A photo posted by Jaky Vibe famously known as Awinja has left Netizens with mixed reactions. Mulamwa a Kenyan Comedian has retweeted on the photo saying that he has seen her sandals. He says that this were the kind which they used to take and be given a pencil in exchange when they were young.

(Photo| Courtesy)

In the photo, she captioned that she was very admiral and she knew it saying that was the time when she used to be dressing decently and men could be confused with her whereabouts at the shopping centre when she was going to the poshomill. On reaching there, the person at the poshomill could add her more maize when they got to smell her perfume of body cream called fair and lovely.

Awinja was in a sugarcane plantation dressed in black skirt and a white blouse on top. She had also a black and white sandals and had not plaited her hair.(Photo| Courtesy)

Netizens have reacted saying that she looked innocent at the photo as that was the time when she did not know city life. Others have said that if this was her then they will make it someday too, they only need patience.

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