If You're A Government Worker In Ghana, This Message Is For You.


Government workers form the majority of the working class in Ghana. People are employed to work in different institutions according to their fields of education. In the same way, each group of workers in the public sector are paid according to merit; everyone receives a pay according to the work he does.

But a careful look at what people earn as salaries shows that they're indeed, under paid. They salaries people receive can make you cry even though, they're the people building the country with their efforts. It is time most government workers stop depending on their monthly income alone for survival. These are some things you should do as a public sector worker.

Find a secondary source of income. Your salary can help you make more money. If you always do 'hand to mouth', you will repeat the same cycle till you go on retirement. Salaries are just there to manage hunger. Real income comes through investment. Set up a shop. But you have to sit down and plan.

You can't stand up one fine morning and decide to venture into a business. Look for what people need and enter into serious business. That's one way you can build a good future for yourself and family.

Save! So many people especially, the younger ones cannot save immediately they start working. It is not always easy to start saving immediately because one may have some needs to meet. But after exhausting your income for some months, you will realise that the larger part has gone into nothing.

Don't leave money in your actual account. Open a separate savings account for that purpose. If you leave money in your actual account, you will always find ways to spend it.

Cut down your expenditure and borrowing habits. If you always buy the most expensive things, you will be bankrupt easily. You will always resort to loans before you can achieve anything in life. People always complain few days after they've received their monthly payments.

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