"Sina Amani, Watu Wa Illuminati Wananifuata Kila Mahali" Magix Enga In Trouble, See Video

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Magix Enga has come out to the public to say that his is in danger after confessing a few days ago that he had joined illuminati so as to buy a car of his own, build a house and own properties and be famous. The music producer and musician says that just the other day, a cat came to him passing through the window and it was really angry at him.[Photo| courtesy]

In a short video, Magic Enga has said that he was introduced to the cult by a white lady in Nairobi where he met with American star Dj Khaled and was told he could be get what he wanted in three months, so long as he removed sacrifices of blood in his body. He showed the knife injuries that he had been cut.[Photo| courtesy]

The 'yoyo' hit maker says that the illuminati people are following him everywhere that is why he talks to people and wares mask everywhere.[Photo| courtesy]


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