Do This Immediately When Your Child Is A Convulsing or Epileptic Child


Convulsion is common amongst children, but it can also affect adult with neurological problems most at times convulsion in children is caused by high body temperature which may be caused by malaria or other infections , sometimes this condition occurs at home, work places, market places and other places where there are sometimes no health professional. Due to lack of knowledge about this illness parents and care takers do different thing at home or wherever they found themselves in other to make him or her survive but ending up complicating the situation. Do what is listed below before sending him or her to hospital either a child or adult

1) Spot your youngster on the floor on their side and clean up objects that are in closeness. 

2) Extricate tight attire encompassing the head or neck. 

3) Try not to place anything in your youngster's mouth or attempt to stop the spasm except if your pediatrician has guided you. 

4) In the event that your youngster regurgitates, move them onto their side and clear out their mouth. 

5) Try not to attempt to hold your youngster down or control their developments.

6) Send the victim to the near by hospital or clinic

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