Facts About Kangaroos That Are Very Interesting

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Wildlife makes can make any country beautiful, because wonderful animals live there. Tourist likes visiting many countries, so that they can see different kind of wild animals. Wildlife has brought many wealth to many countries, because tourist can’t live without viewing animals. Kangaroos lives in grasslands, and they are mostly found in Australia. Let us look at their characteristics, so the we can know more about them.

1. Kangaroos can swim.

Kangaroos can cross a river by swimming, and they always like doing it. They always raise their heads above the water, so that they can breathe. They use their tail to propel the water, so that they move forward. They use their feet to paddle, and they are very comfortable with it.

They always swim in water, so that they can escape their enemies. They use their great hearing sight, so that they hear sounds from all surrounding.

2. Kangaroos are herbivores.

Kangaroos always feed on herbs, and they have developed incisors on their front jaw. They use their molars to grind food. They can’t stay for a long time without water, and they only drink a little water. They also rest under a shade on a sunny day, and they come out when it’s cool. They always come out in the evening, so that they can eat.

3. Kangaroos like fighting.

They always learn fighting at a young age, and they were trained by their mothers. Male Kangaroos always fight among themselves, so that they can dominate an area. They always stand on their tails, so that they can throw a powerful kick.

They posess a thick skin under their bellies, and they always use them for protection.

4. Kangaroos have many names.

They were given four different names, because they can they are of different species. Their names are Eastern Grey, Western Grey, the Red and Antilopine Kangaroos.

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