The End Of Criminals In Nairobi As Uhuru's Goverment Forms A Special Police Unit To Deal With Them


Over time, the republic of Kenya have been affected by the issue of criminals both within and outside the country. These criminals forms a gang whose aim is to torture the innocent people of Kenya by stealing from them. Some even goes ahead to kill the inocent citizens. Of late, we witnessed a scenario where a businessman by the name Jamal Mohamed was killed inside his car by unknown criminals.

However, president Uhuru Kenyatta's goverment have been trying to deal with these criminals using various security units including the police and even the millitary with a little success. Now, today, the goverment of Kenya have made a move that might bring the issue of criminals in the country to an end.

This move is the decision to make a special police unite whose duty is to fight the criminals. As established by the Nation, the goverment of Kenya through the inspector general of Police Mr Hillary Mutyambai has formed this unit whose name have not been mentioned.

"POLICE IG Hilary Mutyambai says a special unit has been formed to deal with muggings and robbery with violence incidents in Nairobi. " Said the Nation. This decision might help in ending the issue of criminals both in and out of Nairobi city.