"Tangu Muachane Na Timmy Tdat Hujatuonyesha Kipenzi" Kush Tracey Faces It Roughs Online

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Tv girl, Kush Tracey, is facing it rough from netizens. This is after netizens have questioned her concerning her relationship. Netizens want to know the man she is dating, since she separated with Timmy Tdat she has never posted any man. "Tuonyeshe kipenzi. Tangu muachane na Timmy Tdat sijaona kipenzi" a netizen wrote.

Kush has been asked so, after posting her daily usual photos while at work. She works at Switch Tv hosting the hot tea show, Chatspot. Kush and the other girls always take photos outside the studio before going on set.

The Kamba queen once shared that she will never post her man online. She admitted to be in a relationship, but she will never show off the man to the public. This was after her relationship with fellow rapper, Timmy Tdat. Kush dated Timmy when she was an upcoming artist. The relationship was toxic, to an extent of rumours that Timmy was violent. Later on Kush got saved, but she stopped singing and joined tv

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