Five Strange Diseases That Will Suprise You.


Here is a list of strange diseases. Some of them are very rare.

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Now below are the strange diseases that will leave you wondering.

1.Tree man Syndrome (Pictured above).

Also known as (EV) is a very unusual skin condition in which wart-like lesions cover sections of the body.

This disease is an inherited disease. Below are pictures of people suffering from it.

2.Stone Man Syndrome.

Also known as (FOP) is a rare condition in which the body's tendons and ligaments undergo a strange metamorphosis, essentially transforming into bone. It affects around 1 in 2 million people.

This disease starts at one point but grows all over the body. There is no current cure for it.

3.Water Allergy.

They seem to be water allergic. It typically happens later in life and is often caused by a hormonal imbalance brought about by childbirth.

They don’t drink water or even take baths with ease and therefore on special diets.

4.Alien hand syndrome.

This is a condition in which the hand is not regulated by the mind and acts independently.

5.Sleeping beauty.

Shockingly, approximately 70% of those influenced are male.

Individuals with Sleeping Beauty syndrome become hyper somnolent, sleeping for up to 20 hours a day.


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