Eye Makeup Mistakes Ladies Should Avoid

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While Shakespeare's eyes are the windows of a man's soul, allow me to say that his eyes are the words of a woman's makeup.

 Despite the above, it is interesting to note that there are many women who make the same cosmetic mistakes individually, thereby ruining not only their beautiful eyes but also their overall appearance.

 That is why this article contains some of the most common eye makeup mistakes that every lady should avoid.

 1. Blush is for the cheeks, not the eyes

 Although there are many universal brushes that can be used to apply makeup, I agree that the larger traditional brushes are easily invented for the cheeks.

 So make sure you start using your eye makeup tools and do not spread your eye shadow all over your face for any reason because the tiny colored pieces are on your cheeks, nose and so on.

 2. Liquid foundation is not the basis for eye makeup.

 No, it never happened. Although it is important to apply foundation on your face just like your mistress, applying eye shadow directly on a liquid foundation is a big eye makeup mistake.

 Be sure to buy some primer for yourself or better still, if you do not have one, you can replace it with ordinary powder by placing it on a liquid base layer.

 3. Very bright eye makeup is not as attractive as you think.

 I suggest you try some neutral shades to see the difference. In addition to pink eyeshadows or extra wine, eyeshadows are not always suitable. No matter how much you love them, I think you should keep them for the party only.

 4. Be careful with the black

 Black eyelids and black eyeshadows are intended to emphasize your appearance, not to paint your eyelids black. In fact, sometimes even mascara is enough if you have blackheads on your eye makeup.

 5. No eye makeup.

 Although a woman who decides not to have makeup on her face is considered confident, only a few women can go through this every day.

 On the other hand, applying lipstick and foundation on your face without even the slightest hint of makeup can make your makeup look incomplete and scary.

 Please share this important article with any woman.

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