Cookie Tee of TV3 Gives False Testimony Against KOD


Kofi Okyere Darko, best known as KOD is a Ghanaian media personality and fashionista. He has helped to manage the group ‘Wutah’ and also assisted many TV personalities in Ghana.

Celebrating him, Citi-tv hosted him on their morning show ‘Upside down’ and many TV personalities sent in videos of appreciation and gratitude. Just then, TV3’s Cookie Tee also inputted her own and expressed gratitude for what KOD has done for her.

She narrated how she had to be yelled at by KOD to correct her and guide her. Sometimes, she would make an error in pronouncing a word on television and KOD will call her up and correct her. She added that KOD is very gentle and very caring.

Sometimes she doesn’t know if indeed he sleeps at all because he is always present at any event you invite him.

“…and one thing about KOD is that he loves his reggae music but he has never taken marijuana before.”

Just when Cookie Tee ended her praises and testimony, Frema of Citi-tv asked KOD if indeed he has not taken marijuana before. He replied that he sometimes takes it. But it’s not a habit.

‘Just for sh33ga reasons’ – he adds.

The hosts of the show screamed: Cookie Tee!

Well, I guess it’s one of those things. You don’t get to know everything about someone, regardless of the degree of closeness you have with the person.




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