Chelsea's stopper Edouard Mendy could get a stiff competition after this season


Chelsea are accounted for to be enthused about carrying the a-list goalkeeper to Stamford Brigde this mid year. As indicated by Eurosport, the AC Milan plug, Gianluigi Donnarumma may be free for move this late spring since he has been held up from marking another agreement. The 22-year old goalkeeper's arrangement with Milan is lapsing this late spring and there are no indications of the agreement augmentation. 

Donnarumma is requesting a €10 million new agreement bargain while Milan are just contribution him a €7.5 million arrangement. This hold ups is likely going to invite the youthful highy evaluated attendant. Chelsea being in fo-front for marking the goalkeeper, are likely going to win his arrangement. 

The Blues are resolved to get a drawn out arrangement manager since they haven't discovered Thibaut Courtois substitution at this point. Eduoard Mendy is more encouraging to fit in Courtois shoes, yet tragically he probably won't be a drawn out arrangement because of his age. Donnarumma who is just 22, is tipped to be the ideal substitution and could be the drawn out arrangement. 

The approaching of Donnarumma, could bring a hardened rivalry among him and the current number one guardian Eduoard Mendy. Mendy is currently going to get a genuine test at Stamford Brigde contrasted with now, where the second guardian Kepa Arrizabalaga is a lot of lower appraised than Mendy. Donnarumma is accounted for to be a promising and more gifted contrasted with Mendy and this could prompt Mendy being dropped to the subsequent option position. He has so far showed up for AC Milan out of which he has figured out how to keep 82 clean sheets.