Top Official In Trouble As Arror And Kimwarer Corruption Case Takes Another Direction

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The news about Arror & Kimwarer case that involved former CS Treasury Mr Henry Rotich, who is charged alongside others other officials from the body was presented to court again today on 18 March. The hearing was set to gather verdict and certainty about the accused. The group is charged on several counts of corruption, including conspiracy and abuse of office, which layer resulted in to the loss of a lot of money related to the Arror and Kimwarer dam projects that was set to be built diligently in the country.

Mr. Rotich filed an application on November 10, 2021, before the Lady Justice Esther Maina at the High Court Anti-Corruption Division, Milimani law courts, where he had to do his best in challenging the charges that were against him. The case however took a nod when Lady Justice Esther refused to open the files of Mr. Rotich. The court had no doubt that the charges against Mr. Rotich had been instituted by the DPP, and as a result, dismissed the application, concluding that it lacked merit.

In her ruling, she stated that the charge sheet was proper because it contained enough information to inform Mr. Rotich of the charges brought against him and was thus in accordance with Sections 89, 134 to 137 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

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