OPINION - Mwonzora is putting many Zimbabweans in messy


The 2013 constitution is a product of the blood of people killed by ZANUPF in 2008!

It was made possible through the Government of National Unity, the GNU!

Let us ALL remember that Mnangagwa has NO two thirds majority to tear up the constitution as he is currently doing to the 2013 constitution!

He is only able to do it through the help of Douglas Mwonzora and his fellow.

Mwonzora is the one who has made it possible for ZANUPF to make life horrible for YOU through these amendments!

Remember to go and register to vote! Only a huge number voting will put an end to this madness!

Remember that Mwonzora has become the modern day traitor to the people killed in 2008, he has made their deaths pointless for now.

He's becoming the enemy of the pple, a sellout, a betrayal.

He will regret in a new Democratic Zim.

Let him Jus watch and see, how the future will look like.

When God will set a table in front of us, Mwonzora and ED will be watching us.

Help restore their dignity and sacrifice in 2023 by registering to vote!


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