Venda comedian on GBV.

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As the country is fighting strong against women abuse this women's month another big topic arose in social media as Livhuwani Madadzhe's wife went live on Facebook to share a story of how a 'Samaritan' comedian have been abusing her for the past 10 years. SABC LIVHU is accused of physically abusing his wife.

Livhu has done lot of good things that proved that he is a very honorable guy in Venda and Limpopo province as a whole, he has raised funds to build more than five houses for poor families ,during covid-19 lockdown level 5 he shared grocery with lot of families and for that every individual's knows him as a hero to be followed.

His wife said a very sad story of how irresponsible he is at home, she said SABC Livhu once locked a child ,Muofhe with the dogs and then dogs bite her on the cheek and the proof is a scar on Muofhe's cheek.

Whole nation responded to the life of video of 'mme a Muofhe' and then Livhu's sponsors pulled out as they said they won't be associated with a person involved in GBV scandal.NRand as the main sponsor revealed on social media that they have distanced themselves from an abusive man then a number of sponsors followed.

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