Boat Carrying 16 Passengers Capsizes in Lake Victoria, Six Already Rescued

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Water accidents have been in the increase throughout the lakes and oceans of the country as the passengers have not been adhering to the safety rules, rather they've been overloading and passengers not wearing the safety bids.

A boat that was carrying 16 passengers has capsized in the lake victoria on Tuesday evening, in Homabay county.

From the recent reports, six of the passengers has already been rescued and rushed to the nearest hospital so as to seek medical attention.

The remaining ten passengers were not yet found at the time of publication but the rescue team were still in the search of the missing individuals.

The incident occured after most of the passengers bordering the boat were not on life jackets.

Most of passengers has always died in similar occasions after breaching the transport rules of wearing safety jackets while on the Lake.

The government has therefore urged all the passengers to ensure that they put on the life saving jackets and to make sure they are not overloaded before starting the journey.

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