Happening Now: Nigerian Embassy At Indonesia Being Destroyed By Mob.


Happening now: Nigerian embassy at Indonesia being destroyed by mob.

Mob is defined as a large crowd of people, especially one that is disorderly and intend on causing troubles and violence. That's what going on now at Nigeria embassy at Indonesia. They act of violence can not be contain as Nigerians living at Indonesia gathers together to carry out such attack. Reports has it that Nigerians at Indonesia has been pushed to the walls, by the continues negligence of it's government over the inhuman treatment by Indonesian immigration authority. It was really a wide scene as Nigerians in Indonesia destroy the embassy without Mercy. They also destroyed other assets. Although no member of law enforcement was seen at the scene, and it is also observed from reports that majority of those who carried out this mob violence, majority of them are Igbo's living in Indonesia, as they boldly speak the language freely. They were chanting in the video saying that the embassy is of no use to them. Since they are not protecting them in Indonesia.

According to an eye witness named Akacha, he said that the actions was triggered by immigration officers who tried to arrest a Nigerian man without papers and he jump out from the nearby window, in attempt to escape. But he jumped to his death. He refers to a video which went viral on social media about the guy who jumped from a high rise building in Indonesia.

Before this incident happen, it was earlier reported that another Nigerian man jumped down from ninety floor of a building, as he was trying to escape from Indonesia immigration officers, which resulted to his death. According to one Igbo man named Joe ezeh he said that this has been reoccurring issue in Indonesia. He also add that Nigerian embassy at Indonesia has never shown any commitment towards the plight of Nigerians living there.

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