" Absolutely Wonderful ", Singer Kambua's Latest Post Wows Netizens.


Kambua is one of the great influencers in the society, Kambua has Influenced So many people personally, she has influenced people through her posts on the media platforms. Among those who have attested that Kambua has positively influenced her life is Laura Karwira who hosts the Bambi a Show on Sundays.

In a recent post that Kambua shared on her media platforms, Kambua was heard saying that when she is writing a song or when she has released a Melody to the public, it is a fact that the song motivated her positively.

After the song motivated her positively, then she releases it to the public for them to get the positive encouragement she gained from the song.

Netizens were in agreement with her words and said it is very wise of her to be positively impacted by her songs and then releases it to the public for the others to receive the same blessings.

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