One dead at Tema after truck smashed toll booth

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A transporter coming from Trasaco couldn't restrict his speed prior to arriving at the cost, and wound up blasting through different vehicles earlier today, at Tema. The truck which was not stacked with load, since it went to do offloading, couldn't stop its speed. The driver discovered his breaks were out, when he was attempting to clutch his breaks at Apewa, before the cost. Apewa is a bloom joint by the side of the road, when coming from Accra. It was named after the one who began selling blossoms there, in the mid 2000. Occupants named it after the man, when he passed on. The name has since stay that, since 2001. 

The driver was driving on 60km/h, on the 100km/h street when he arrived at Apewa. He began clutching his breaks in the wake of arriving at Apewa, so he can back off for the Toll, however the breaks wasn't working. He attempted more than eight times, and no reactions came from the vehicle to stop. He began sounding it's horns so vehicles can act the hero, and clear path for him through the traffic. Whiles he was sounding his horns, was when furious drivers were yelling at him. The truck chaperon had a go at utilizing his hands to advise drivers to move far removed for him, yet they all took him for jokes. 

A bike rider who was following the truck from four vehicles behind, detected the truck battles whiles different drivers were yelling at him to back off. A few drivers even took a stab at surpassing the truck, so they can be before him at the Toll, however the bike rider came in to help. The rider who was four vehicles away, attempted to accelerate to get the truck, and it was there the truck specialist disclosed to him their breaks were not working. 

The rider did everything he could, and accelerate to drive vehicles from the truck's path, in front of the cost entryway. The truck was simply 300m away, when the rider came to help. A few drivers became acquainted with when the rider drove past them, guiding them to utilize the other path, whiles the truck can make simple pass at the cost. A Toyota hilux pickup couldn't move away as expected, when the truck got to the Toll Gate. The truck hit the rear of the hilux somewhat, before been saved of a significant setbacks. The transporter tipped it's correct side to the pickup, which finished saving the truck. The pickup eased back the truck however, couldn't prevent it from smashing the third tollgate. 

The truck went into the heading of the third Toll Gate, in the wake of hitting the rear of the pickup hilux. The mate of the truck couldn't endure and kicked the bucket immediately, in light of the accident. His side was what hit the third Toll Gate the most. The transporter hit his head on the controlling wheel, when the truck squashed the cost. He was taken to the Tema General Hospital for treatment. A similar pickup the truck slammed somewhat from behind, was the vehicle that took the transporter to the emergency clinic. 

Police are yet to react to the scene to help with traffic the executives, and driving the truck out of the street. Drivers utilizing the motorway are been forewarned to back off, as traffic increments out and about this evening. The bike rider was hailed for his dauntlessness, as the truck would have slammed a great deal of vehicles, if not for him who made different drivers aware of live away from the way.

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