Natural remedies to lighten your skin at home.

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1.Yoghurt and flour

The use of yogurt as a home remedy for skin nourishment is used nowadays. Smearing of yoghurt on the skin and the ingestion of it greatly revitalizes the state of the skin to glow and shine greatly. 

Yogurt is full of nutrients that are beneficial to the skin since it is a milk product. The lactic acid in it acts as a bleaching agent. Flour can help improve the quality of your skin by providing nutritional benefits. It can also be used to obtain a lighter complexion.

Mix yogurt and flour and set the mixture to your skin.

Let it dry for 30 minutes.

Massage your skin and wash it off with water.

Use this remedy daily for exemplary results for at least two weeks.


Pawpaw is widely used for skincare. It gives the skin a healthy and glowing look. It also acts as a natural bleaching agent.

How to use:

Chop and mash a banana and papaya together.

Add honey to the mashed fruits.

Mix well and apply the paste to the skin.

Leave it on for 15–20 minutes.

Rinse the paste off with warm water and pat your skin dry


Oranges are rich in Vitamin C which very nutritional to the skin. Oranges help brighten up your skin acting as a bleaching agent. Also, daily consumption of freshly squeezed orange juice can revitalize the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

How to use:

Apply orange juice to your skin for an even skin tone. You may also add orange juice to your diet to extract its benefits.


Honey helps in the disappearance of dark spots on the skin. Honey hydrates the skin to help attain an even skin tone. Honey acts as an antibacterial agent and also prevents the development of acne, it also helps in fading existing acne scars and dark age spots.

How to use:

Directly apply honey to the dark spots using a soft brush.

Lemon is high in citric acid which bleaches the skin, while vitamin C promotes the proliferation of new skin cells.

How to use:

Dilute lemon juice with water and apply it to the skin.

Leave it on for 10 minutes.

Rinse your skin with tepid water.


Due to its cooling and anti-inflammatory ability, Aloe Vera is used as a skin lightening product. Aloe Vera enhances cell division and repair of damaged tissue. This can help in the treatment of skin breakages. Aloin, an active ingredient in aloe Vera, promotes melanin multiplication.

How to use:

Apply aloe Vera gel to your face.

Leave it for 15–20 minutes.

Rinse your skin with tepid water.

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