Two prominent pastors expose each other on Amabishop.

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Sunday's episode of Amabishop took a very unexpected turn when two prominent pastors argued in the show revealing some personal stuff about each other.

The show which was centered on the abuse of congregants by female leaders featured pastor and supposed victim, prophet Palesa who accused a certain church leader she chose to refer to as "mommy" of allowing her congregants to have lesbian relationships but on her terms i.e they can sleep together but can't stay together. She accused the leader of being aware of the lesbian demons that were rulling in her church and for being indifferent towards them.

She also said that she herself was possessed by the same spirit leading to her having a two year relationship with a woman in the church. She then spoke of a 13 year old girl who confided in her that she had been molested by a female church elder.

Resident bishop Julius then appeared to discredit prophet Palesa suggesting that the show should consider bringing victims of abuse to tell their side of the story as opposed to having representatives who seek glory.

That is was the moment when prophet Palesa decided to reveal that she and bishop Moloi are friends and she has even revealed her lesbian demons to him. Bishop Moloi denied that they are friends and also denied the fact he knew of the lesbian story and abuse allegations. He did accept the fact that the two knew each other.

Prophet Palesa retorted by insisting that the two are friends and they have travelled together and shared a lot. She claimed that she knows Moloi's weaknesses but refused to state them. She also revealed that Moloi was suing her for R500000 for defamation of character.

Moloi confirmed that he was indeed suing Palesa for defamation because she has such some very damaging things about him. He also accused her of spreading malicious stories about other people of the cloth.

The whole thing was extremely dramatic and took a lot from the main purpose of the show. Nimrod asked Palesa to return in a future episode, perhaps there is still more to he revealed.

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