Actress Stella Damasus And Her Daughters Show Off Their Dance Moves (Photos)


It is a thing of joy seeing your children grow and looking beautiful and lovely. It is also fun when you play or dance with them. It binds family together and promotes the bond of unity. Children are indeed a blessing to the family.

Star actress Stella Damasus is a happy mother of beautiful kids. She decided to a take out to dance with her daughters. They look so stunning and lovely. What a blessed family.

Damasus is one of the talented actresses Nigeria can boast of . She has acted several movies. She is not just talented but also beautiful and intelligent. See the photos below.

She is also admired by many and has so many fans and admirers. Acting is really her talent because of the professional way she plays and interprets roles in movies.

What a lovely and blessed family you got here.

Photo credit: Instagram, Nairaland,