3 Reasons Why Many Children Have Lost Their Self Identity


Self-identity is how someone identify and define himself or herself. It is ones perception of specific and selective traits, qualities, abilities, and characteristics that represent the fellow.

In other words every one has a special ability or abilities attached to his personality and children have the same.

But unfortunately many parents have made their children loose their self identity because of comparing them to other children.

Every child has a special grace attached to his well being before coming into this world. And even on this earth no two children are the same, not even twins.

As an individual, they have numerous physical attributes, internal characteristics, social roles, and external connections which make up your their personal identity.

A child's self-identity is made of personality traits, abilities, physical attributes, interests, hobbies. All these are personal identity that specifically identify them.

But what do we see in today's world. Many parents have mislead their children due to three of the below reasons.

1. Not believing in their children's self identity

Every child has got a special self identity placed in him or her by God. Therefore when a child is growing such characters or talents begins to show up.

This is where many parents don't take time to study their children but will come in to stop the child from that because they don't believe in that which they are seeing.

For example a mother has the dream of her child becoming a doctor or a lawyer. That is her personal dream so she starts to call him Doctor.

Then suddenly instead of her child being bookish she sees him always going to play football.

Then such parents normally comes in discouraging the child from playing football because to her he is a footballer and must read books not to play football.

Some of these things and others has mislead a lot of children to take up a career which they don't feel comfortable and therefore not too operable. 

2. Not studying their children carefully

Parenting is not an easy duty. It involves a mother and a father being vigilant both physically, spiritually and emotionally. Or else they will send their children to an unknown career journey.

3. Wanting their children to be like particular son of their friend

Sometimes when a particular mother or father sees their friends children's brighten in a corner where they are, then they want to push theirs there too.

This is very wrong step for a mother or father to do because not all fingers are even the same.

They have to take a good and deep look at their children to know their self identity and help them to achieve it than pushing them to a particular career of their choice.

Let's parents allow their children to unleash their personal self than parents making them loose their self being.

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