Woman fined for spying on her husband


Woman fined for spying on her husband

Diana Nyagu has to be fined an amount of GH¢ 1,900 for breaching a marital bond that was to exist between her and the husband Nyagu. Diana and her husband have been married for less than one year now, and the marriage which was to be happy and lively has turned into accusations and discomfort. It has become an order between the couples to be fighting every day over one thing or another, and there has never been a day without them arguing over something. The marriage that many people believed in, is enjoyed by both parties when they make their minds not to allow anything come between them, but Diana wasn't that kind of woman. Diana who found Nyagu during her service to the nation did not spend half a year before they got married officially. Their marriage was attended by family and friends who wanted to show their love and happiness to the couple. 

Diana knew nothing about her husband's dealings and wasn't bordered about it until the man started making her feel he was unto something he didn't her to know. Their first month after the marriage was honeymoon which was an encounter of happiness and affection between the couple. They returned from their honeymoon and everything was running smoothly for two months. The moment Nyagu started work was when the troubles started for Diana. He came home late at nights and blamed it on traffic on the roads. He barely picked her calls when it was from the hours of six in the evening to nine in the night. The husband blamed that too on his driving and couldn't pick whiles he was driving, but Diana still found that odd.

Nyagu the fastest he ever came home was at half-past nine, and mostly it was at ten in the night. And whenever he was home, his phone went on silent which was never like that when he met Diana, and even after their first two months of marriage. Diana tried all her avenue to smooth things in the house and yet it was getting complicated day by day. Nyagu will either go out when he wanted to make a call or answer a call. At first, he was answering all his calls in front of his wife but it all changed and Diana wasn't cool as to why the husband will operate in such a manner if he wasn't doing anything bad.

Diana developed a tactic of going around and looking at what the husband was always doing on his phones, and when he was away in the bathroom, she tried sneaking in to open the locks, but she wasn't successful in all her attempts. On two occasions when the couple were invited for a program, Diana was caught on spying on the husband anytime he picked his phone to answer a call or message. Nyagu upon seeing the attitude of his wife, was not happy because he knew it could lead to a divorce if her eyes found things she wasn't supposed to find. 

Nyagu has on many occasions tried to talk to his wife over her attitude but she wasn't stopping. Nyagu reported the issue to Diana's father Nana Otuo Serebuo III who is the paramount chief of Tanapa towns and communities. Nana sat on the case this afternoon with his elders, and Diana could not provide any hard evidence against her husband of misbehaving and only requested that, if the husband was been faithful and wasn't hiding anything from her, then he should tell her his passcode so she could bring the evidence of his unfaithfulness to the king and his elders. Some of the elders and the queen mother supported the idea and wanted the King to call a vote on it from the council. But the king through his wisdom denied them that, Diana had no case of the husband misbehaving and he wasn't bind to make his passcode open to her under any circumstances. Diana was to respect the husband's privacy and give him privacy on his phone, as Diana was entitled to the same thing on her phone.

Is not everything that anyone is entitled to, and every individual is entitled to privacy and the wife Diana erred in her accusations against the husband and she should pay the husband damage fees of 1,900 for trying to invade his privacy. The husband was also schooled to stop acting like a child who is trying to hide something from the wife. He should answer all his phone calls in front of his wife to make their young marriage worthy of conspiracy. And he was not entitled to give suspense to the wife for her to be developing thoughts of him cheating. The King Nana Otuo also made the husband pay for a brand new car to compensate his wife for putting her into the stress of the wife around trying to find a fault on him. Diana was not having a car of her own, and the King used the medium to task the husband to compensate the young wife with a car of her choice. Nyagu promised the elders and the king of buying the car within few months for her and thanked them for bringing peace into his marriage.

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