Man Brings An Excavator To Demolish Girlfriend's House After Break Up [Video]


A man today shocked online users after a video of him leading an excavator to the property he built for his former girlfriend resurfaced.

Reports indicate that the woman had broken up with the man after she found love in someone else.

In a viral tweet shared by @thab4ng, the girlfriend had put up the property for sale after the break up with the businessman and was hoping to get some money of the building.

On hearing this, the businessman decided to hire an excavator to demolish the building leaving the land with nothing.

It is alleged that the man had a wife and the girlfriend was his 'sidechick' for more than 2 year and he couldn't imagine living without the girl.

Online users reacted to the video and many condemned the man for demolishing the house and it is obvious he was happy when he built the house for the lady.

See the video below.