Will Actor Omosh Rise Again And Be The Rockstar He Was? (Opinion)


They were rock stars, but what was their issue and how could it be resolved?

Tahidi High was a show that produced a lot of talk and sensation, and these two performers, Omosh and OJ, made it a big deal. It's no surprise they received awards like CHAT back in the day.

Omosh And OJ are pictured above.

The sad part is that the show's two best-known products were plagued by alcoholism, which was a big factor in their downfall.

Is it possible that the celebrity and money were too much for them, and they sought consolation in the bottle? After the cancellation of Tahidi High, Omosh has struggled to live up to his top billing.

While other stars such as Abel Mutua who acted as Freddy and Sarah Hassan who also acted as Tanya have gone on to become stars after using the show as a stepping stone, Omosh has been left with his past glories and the demon of the bottle. Will he resurrect and become the Rockstar he once was?

And what advice can you give him if you were to meet him now?

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