"Women Started Sleeping With Me When I Was Only 7 Years Old" Lady Emotionally Narrates

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Betty Wawira knows what it means to be betrayed, undermined and rejected.

At 21, it's very easy for her to come out as an inters3x and boldly tell her story but she wishes those around her would have protected and loved her from the word go.

In an episode of Tales of Wanjiku with Lynn Ngugi, she opened up on how women would pleasure themselves with her when she was as young as 7.

Her neighbours who were in form 1 and 3 got to know about her condition and most of the time, they would call her to their house and abuse her then threaten to kill her if she dared to tell anyone.

Her mother hated her so much. She would beat her and lock her out at night.

When time came for her to join high school, her mother said she couldn't pay school fees for a person like her. 

Luckily, her aunt offered to sponsor her education but due to the depression of wondering how her future would be like, she ended up scoring a D minus.

Throughout her high school life, she never told anyone about her condition but other girls could suspect since she always hid when changing clothes and games kits.

Betty hopes one day the government will have a position for people like her in the national assembly so that their challenges can be addressed.

She says that although her outside appearance is female, she feels male on the inside. She has never dated in her life since she fears being judged by the society incase she dates a female.

He dream is to become a counsellor.

Watch her interview with Lynn Ngugi here; https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AXrzv4VMXok&feature=share

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