Reverend Obofour is the number one generous man on earth - Maame Ode

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This hit Adowa melody created deliberately for Reverend Obofour entitled Apuuutorrrr has become a family music for all. On individuals' status, get-togethers and more you can hear the tune been played. Presenting Reverend Obofour to the world, she showed that Reverend Obofour is the main liberal man on earth.

As per her, the prophet supported the majority of their movements outside the nation to perform. What's more, she generally implores he gets more blessing to go on with his work. 

The lady also opened up on how she came into the spotlight. Numerous individuals thought and felt Reverend Obofour made her a star. Maame Ode revealed that she began with her distinction at Age 6 when she began moving at Funerals and enormous social occasions. Her folks at that point sent her to one tycoon Addai Cutlass to support her. He supported every one of their outfits and drums for execution and she is everlastingly appreciative. 

Maame Ode made the mainstream Apuutoor melody deliberately for Reverend Obofour.

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