Imam Of Peace Has Reacted To Death Sentence Given To 22-Year-Old Singer For Alleged Blasphemy


Social media influencer, Imam of peace has reacted to the death sentence given to 22-year-old singer, Yahaya Aminu, for alleged blasphemy against the prophet Muhammad in one of his songs.

Nigerians have expressed their outrage after the death sentence place on a 22- year old singer, by Upper Shari'a Courtin Kano Court for speaking blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad.

During the ruling on Monday, the Shari’a court Khadi, Aliyu Muhammad Kani, pronounced the 22-year-old singer, Yahaya Aminu Sharif guilty of the one-count charge about derogatory statement discovered in one of his songs.

The popular media Influencer and self acclaimed advocate for peace simply known by the name, Iman of Peace, has began the hashtag (#dontexecute) on Twitter, persuading Nigerians to follow in his steps.

The so called Imam of peace wrote on Twitter: "Nigerian singer Yahaya Sharif-Aminu, 22, is about to be executed for blasphemy. This is a bogus charge. Blasphemy is a very technical term that meant something in the 14th Century. In 2020 this is a violation of human rights. Use the hashtag: #dontexecute and make it trend in Nigeria",.

Other Nigerians are following the steps of Imam of Peace and spreading the harshtag # dontexecute.

A Twitter user Ovie OSIRIS Oserivwoja @Ovie02 went on Twitter to say:, "a country that can pardon terrorists but kill a man for blasphemy. Even Saudi Arabia is shocked at the level of extremism of Northern Nigerian Muslims. We in the south want out of this entanglement.#dontexecute."

Amother Twitter user wrote on his Twitter handle: "Nothing, and I mean nothing should ever warrant the killing of anyone for anything they’ve said. This is repulsive and regressive. Death sentencing for blasphemy are a human rights violation and the FG must act to stop the sentence from being carried out. #dontexecute."

Some people, Nigerians have supported the death sentence giving to the 22-year old singer for his alleged blasphemy. Some on the other hand resisted it. The Imam of is one of the first people to speak against it.