The Blood That Flows Through Jesus Is Not The One That Saves Christians - A Popular Pastor Says

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An official video posted to Facebook by Dr Damina, founder and senior pastor of Power City International, has just revealed that the blood of Jesus does not rescue Christians.

In Dr. Damina's opinion, Jesus' physical blood doesn't rescue us; it's the blood of the Holy Spirit that does. When Jesus was beaten on the journey to Golgotha, blood came out of his body, but it was not the blood of the Savior.

Pastors will explain that because Jesus was beaten and blood drained from his body, the price had been paid, according to him. He asserted that Jesus' scourging, struck, and wounding did not satisfy the debt. He argued that all of this is not a bloodbath.

At the mercy seat (heaven), he explains, the blood was spilt and sprinkled; this is where the blood was shed. On the mercy seat, he claimed, he could now sprinkle people with his blood.

It is because people are ignorant of this fact that they are constantly yelling "Jesus blood!" at the top of their lungs.

He sums up that Jesus was the blood, which indicates that Jesus' arrival in heaven is the blood appearing.


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